Matthieu Houle

Matthieu Houle
ALDO Group
Matthieu Houle is the Chief Information Officer at ALDO Group and has over 20 years of experience in using digital technology to make a positive difference in people’s life and generate significant business outcomes.

He leads the digital transformation in the fashion retail sector, leveraging technology and artificial intelligence to improve how ALDO Group connects with its customers, personalizes its offerings, streamlines its operations, and enhances the shopping experience.

Matthieu is a visionary leader who not only changes how business is done, but also raises the bar for how technology can improve human experiences in the retail industry. His skill in forming and guiding teams of builders has enabled him to develop impactful solutions, products, and experiences.

His career at ALDO Group, along with previous leadership roles in IT and digital technology, demonstrates his commitment to intrapreneurship and to cultivate startup culture, creativity, and methods within the corporate setting.

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July 16
12:45 pm1:15 pm
Palos Verdes Ballroom
The rapid advancements in AI technology over the past two years are leading to growth in potential AI use cases for retailers, supporting a variety of business functions. These new capabilities create tremendous opportunities to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency, but also can lead to new risks, creating the need for consistent company-wide governance. In this session, AI… Read more