Amit Kumar

Amit  Kumar
Amit Kumar
Dragonfruit AI
Amit Kumar, Founder and CEO of Dragonfruit AI, is at the helm of redefining retail through cutting-edge AI. Dragonfruit is his third successful venture in the tech arena. Previously, he founded Trimian, a smart contacts app which garnered backing from Spark Capital and Greylock Partners before being acquired by NerdWallet. He also created Lexity, an e-commerce app platform later acquired by Yahoo! With an impressive 19 patents to his name, many of which were awarded while creating the Dragonfruit platform, Amit exemplifies relentless innovation. His forte lies in unraveling complex business challenges, crafting solutions that address today's enterprise needs while preempting tomorrow's hurdles.

Amit is a seasoned and engaging public speaker. He was chosen to speak at the 2022 Global Security Exchange conference and at ISC West 2023, he drew a full house with a session aimed at demystifying AI/ML terminology. Amit’s has been featured in the New Yorker, CNBC, WSJ, NY Times, and NHK. For more details on Amit’s professional background, please visit