Maximizing customer lifetime value: Strategies and best practices from Pacsun

July 11
9:15 am9:45 am
American Express Theatre, Palos Verdes Ballroom
PacSun sells the laid-back California lifestyle both established and rising generations revere. And, creating a 360-degree view of the customer allows the specialty fashion retailer to pinpoint customers’ buying patterns to determine customer lifetime value (CLV) using machine learning (ML). In this session, PacSun CIO Shirley Gao will share insights on the retailer’s CLV strategy and how it helps increase revenue, enhance customer loyalty, and improve profitability. Shirley will cover key metrics of CLV, and then will dive into specific strategies and tactics for maximizing CLV as part of the retailer’s larger customer-centric business strategy. Topics will include customer segmentation, personalized marketing, loyalty programs, and customer retention strategies. Attendees will hear best practices, as well as insights into the latest tools and ML- based technologies for measuring and optimizing CLV to drive business success.
Susan Reda

Susan Reda

VP, Education Strategy
National Retail Federation