Foundations of practical futurism

July 27
3:30 pm4:00 pm
Palos Verdes Ballroom, 4th floor
In a tech-driven world and business environment of accelerating change and increasing complexity, the ability to see and think like a futurist offers a growing strategic advantage. But “embracing the future” in business has too often meant succumbing to endless hype cycles, techno babble and wishful thinking. Hear from futurist Pascal Finnette about these lessons for a practical alternative: a solutions-oriented grounding in futures-thinking that cuts through the hype and gives leaders the tools to identify emerging opportunities/threats and to understand the future as a dynamic space for experimentation and learning. Pascal combines principles and practices from the worlds of strategic foresight, social entrepreneurship, tech innovation, and design to create a unique introduction to envisioning the future and learning how to seize it. Join this presentation and learn the to identify and evaluate weak signals and emerging trends as early indicators of coming change; explore current signals relevant to the future of organization and industry; differentiate between foresight and planning and understand the limitations of a planner’s mindset in an environment of high complexity; and embrace uncertainty as a window into discovery and innovation.