Expert-Led Think Tanks

July 17
2:00 pm3:00 pm
Palos Verdes Terrace

Expert-Led Think Tanks

Join our handpicked group of subject matter experts to discuss future-forward ideas. With four separate opportunities to engage, NRF’s Expert-Led Think Tanks allow attendees to dive deep into a single topic or explore three different topics for a broader perspective. Join your peers and be inspired during these insightful share-and-learn “group thinks” held on Terranea’s gorgeous lawn. Topics include:

  • Customer engagement and marketing using AI/ML (Martin Gilliard)
  • Content creation + product creation using AI/ML
  • Code + app dev; democratizing low-code/no code using AI/ML
  • Consumer trends 2025 and beyond (Michael Klein)
  • Customer data platforms and CRM capabilities
  • Applications for retail media networks
  • Social commerce as digital storefront
  • Marketplace platforms: Strategies and opportunities
  • Mobile and ecommerce technologies        
  • Optimizing your zero/first-party data strategy
  • Privacy impacts: Retail tech and marketing
  • Robotics and automation technology (Sucharita Kodali)
  • Unified commerce/seamless commerce optimization: Enabling unified commerce experiences and data (Philippe Bottine)
  • Composable tech stack field guide
  • Predictive analytics in pricing strategy (James Hammersley)
  • Customer journey mapping: Measuring performance of key segments (Amit Kumar)
  • Understanding the rapidly evolving AI regulatory landscape
  • Navigating new AR/VR capabilities
  • Holiday marketing: Campaigns and new strategies
  • Brand storytelling: How to craft compelling brand narratives (Poonam Goyal)
  • Brand storytelling: Protecting brand reputation in age of deep fakes
  • Hybrid and remote team management for tech
Poonam Goyal

Poonam Goyal

Sr Ecommerce & Retail Analyst
Bloomberg Intelligence

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