Expert-led think tanks

July 27
11:00 am12:00 pm
Palos Verdes Terrace, 4th floor
Join our handpicked group of subject matter experts to discuss future-forward ideas. With three separate opportunities to engage, NRF’s expert-led Think Tanks allow attendees to dive deep into a single topic or explore three different topics for a broader perspective. Join your peers and be inspired during these insightful share-and-learn “group thinks” held on Terranea’s gorgeous lawn. Topics include: 
  • Consumer Trends 2025 and beyond 
  • Omnichannel Customer Loyalty (CRM, AI, CX) 
  • Live & Social Commerce (next gen affiliates, influencers, Tiktok) 
  • Mobile and ecommerce technologies
  • From URL to IRL: Web3 / Metaverse /NFT's  
  • Must Have’s For Your 2023 Tech Stack 
  • Optimizing Your First-Party Data Strategy: How Brands Can Monetize Owned Data To Expand Revenue