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Tap into the expertise of fellow retail technologists, marketing professionals, and senior digital peers and engage in-depth discussions on trending topics during Expert-Led Think Tanks.

Maximize your experience by attending these future-forward discussions led by subject matter experts. You'll gain new perspectives, discover how your peers tackle roadblocks, learn the technologies other retailers are adopting and more.

Due to popular demand, NRF Nexus 2024 will offer even more Expert-Led Think Tanks! Explore this year's topics below.

Expert-led think tank

2024 Think Tank topics: 

  • Customer engagement and marketing using AI/ML (Brenda Higuchi, Amit Kumar)
  • Content creation + product creation using AI/ML (Ananda “Andy” Chakravarty)
  • Code + app dev; democratizing low-code/no code using AI/ML (Martin Gilliard, Andrew Laudato)
  • Consumer trends 2025 and beyond (Kate Ancketill, Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg, Michael Klein)
  • Customer data platforms and CRM capabilities (Martin Gilliard)
  • Applications for retail media networks (Amit Kumar)
  • Social commerce as digital storefront (Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg, Poonam Goyal)
  • Marketplace platforms: Strategies and opportunities 
  • Mobile and ecommerce technologies
  • Optimizing your zero/first-party data strategy (Ananda “Andy” Chakravarty, Michael Klein)
  • Privacy impacts: Retail tech and marketing (Christian Beckner, Jason Seeba)
  • Robotics and automation technology
  • Unified commerce/seamless commerce optimization: Enabling unified commerce experiences and data (Carlo Bruno, Alex Rhodes)
  • Composable tech stack field guide (James Hammersley)
  • Predictive analytics in pricing strategy (Chris Bach, James Hammersley)
  • Customer journey mapping: Measuring performance of key segments (Amit Kumar)
  • Understanding the rapidly evolving AI regulatory landscape (Christian Beckner, Andrew Laudato)
  • Navigating new AR/VR capabilities
  • Holiday marketing: Campaigns and new strategies
  • Brand storytelling: How to craft compelling brand narratives (Alex Genov)
  • Brand storytelling: Protecting brand reputation in age of deep fakes (Alex Genov)
  • Hybrid and remote team management for tech
Expert-led think tanks