Expert-Led Think Tanks

Peer-to-peer insights at NRF Nexus Expert-Led Think Tanks

Ever wanted to pick the brains of other retail technologists, marketing and senior digital peers?

Dive deep into a single trending topic or multiple topics during scheduled Expert-Led Think Tanks!

Maximize your experience by attending these future-forward discussions led by subject matter experts. You won’t leave without gaining new perspectives, discovering how your peers tackle roadblocks, learning the technologies other retailers are adopting and more.

Learn from attendees while also being able to share what is top of mind for you!

Nexus Expert-Led Think Tanks

Expert-Led Think Tank topics include:

  • AI/Machine learning use cases in retail (Ananda “Andy” Chakravarty, James Hammersley and Scott Reichmeider)
  • Consumer trends 2025 and beyond (Kate Ancketill, Pascal Finette and Alex Genov)
  • Customer data platforms and CRM capabilities (Christopher Thomas-Moore and Bernardine Wu)

  • From URL to IRL: Web3, metaverse, NFTs (Lee Peterson)
  • Live and social commerce — next-gen affiliates, influencers, TikTok (Emily Erkel and Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg)
  • Marketplaces — strategies and opportunities (Neel Grover)
  • Mobile and ecommerce technologies (Bernardine Wu)
  • Optimizing your first-party data strategy (Prama Bhatt and Michael Klein)
  • Privacy impacts — retail tech and marketing (Rachel Bonsignore)
  • Robotics and automation technology (Karen Etzkorn and Andrew Laudato)
  • Unified commerce/seamless commerce (Michael Klein and and Andrew Laudato)
  • Updating your tech stack (Grant Anderson)
Nexus Expert-Led Think Tanks topics