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NRF Membership

NRF councils and committees

Connect and build relationships with other industry digital marketing and ecommerce experts through collaborative networking opportunities and groups designed to bring retail leaders together.

NRF’s councils and committees give retail members access to the latest insights and best practices and a secure space to share challenges and solutions. Learn more about NRF councils, committees and other member benefits.

CIO Council

The NRF CIO Council brings senior technology executives together to discuss how to improve the knowledge, standing and influence of retail technology leaders.

Digital Council

The NRF Digital Council is a collaborative networking group of elite senior retail leaders focused on ecommerce, mobile and innovation functions.

Marketing Executives Council

The NRF Marketing Executives Council provides the most senior retail marketing and advertising leaders with unique networking opportunities and educational programming.

Technology Leadership Council

The NRF Technology Leadership Council provides emerging technology leaders a collaborative forum for members to discuss critical technology and business issues. This council focuses on career and leadership development.

NRF Research

NRF’s research provides industry professionals with year-round data on current trends and insights specific to the digital marketing community. Take advantage of NRF’s premier data to help your company make data-driven decisions.

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