Attendee Testimonials

See testimonials from recent NRF Nexus attendees during the summer 2022 event held at the Terranea Resort in Southern California.

"I think that I'm finding my way through with new retail partners and I'm really, really excited about the things that I've already been able to pick up over just the last 24 hours."

John Shafer, IKEA BUSINESS Leader, US at IKEA Group

"I thought those thinktank sessions were terrific because there was a small table networking with other individuals both in the digital space and in the technology space around common problems and common subjects."

Karen Etzkorn, Chief Information Officer, Qurate Retail Group

"It's just always good to talk to other marketers, technologists to really understand the challenges they're facing. We find, regardless of what industry, what sector you work in, we all face the same challenges."

Christopher Thomas-Moore, SVP, Customer & Store Experience, Domino’s

"It's so critical for technology executives and marketing executives to be connected when they're trying to build their strategies for the future."

Deb Radcliff, Global Chief Marketing Officer, 5.11 Tactical

"I think there's value for marketing and IT to get together to be able to talk and ideate. It allows us that opportunity to collaborate in ways that we wouldn't otherwise."

Cameron Alverson, Sr. Director, Media & Analytics, Living Spaces Furniture

"There's so much convergence happening in our organizations between IT and marketing and digital. This event brings the leaders together to have discussions that are ultimately driving us to be closer to the consumer."

Rob Garf, VP and GM, Retail, Salesforce

"The networking aspect lasts far beyond just being at this event. I've gotten a lot of contacts that I'm going to be in touch with afterward to bounce ideas off and learn more about."

Heather Carver, Principal Tech Business Development, Amazon Ads

"If you want to succeed, if you want to be one step ahead of the market and if you want to evolve, then come to NRF Nexus, you will get it."

Amir Sheikh, Lead Enterprise Solutions Architect (Strategic Transformation), Cox Communications

"NRF Nexus is a great conclave of retail executives, thought leaders and pioneers really mastering today's technology, tomorrow's technology and what's going to possibly happen in the future."

Tom McFadyen, CEO & Author, McFadyen Digital